More than 350 playground equipment and attractions, too many to mention. The most important one can be found below. Do you want to map out your route?

Afbeelding bij Bennie Broek’s House

Bennie Broek’s House

Climb up or walk through the gate and look in through the window to see if Bennie is home.

Afbeelding bij Sandbox


A large sand playground, with excavators, a sand factory and a transport system.

Afbeelding bij Bumper cars

Bumper cars

The Minicars are bumper cars for children up to 8 years old.

Afbeelding bij Water Playground

Water Playground

On hot days you will find refreshment in water playground De Oase. without the possibility to swim, but instead joyful and safe playing in the water.

Afbeelding bij Pirates’ Island

Pirates’ Island

In the middle of the pedalo lake, can only be reached via two high rope bridges.

Afbeelding bij Cable Car

Cable Car

Fly like a parachutist back and forth over the water.

Afbeelding bij Traffic garden

Traffic garden

Do you already know the traffic rules? You can practice in the traffic garden! For children up to 7 years.

Afbeelding bij Cool Tower

Cool Tower

Lift up yourself nearly 30 feet in the air in this revolving tower!

Afbeelding bij Mini golf

Mini golf

Hit a few balls on the 18-hole miniature golf course! Costs: from € 1,00 per person

Afbeelding bij Play castle

Play castle

2 fun floors and view over the indoor playground.

Afbeelding bij Enigmatic maze

Enigmatic maze

Can you find the end point? The riddles will help guide you in the right direction.

Afbeelding bij Obstacle course

Obstacle course

A trail of approx. 20 metres.

Afbeelding bij Train


The Playground Express runs every day in Linnaeushof.

Afbeelding bij Super slide

Super slide

The slide of all slides! Whiz down on your mat.

Afbeelding bij Go-karting


Would you like to race a car, just like a Formula-1 driver? At Linnaeushof you can drive a go-kart if you are 1.30m or taller. Price: €5,00 per kart.

Afbeelding bij Paddle boats

Paddle boats

Cycle around the Pirate Island with a paddle boat.

Afbeelding bij Air karts

Air karts

Fly around the indoor playground. For kids from 5 years old.

Afbeelding bij Trampolines


12 trampolines on which you can jump really high! Can you already make a somersault?

Afbeelding bij Pioneer village

Pioneer village

In the pioneer village you'll find many opportunities to climb and clamber.

Afbeelding bij Fitness dome

Fitness dome

Powerhouses and other sport enthusiasts can work up a sweat here. Are your muscles up to it?

Afbeelding bij Interactive play arch

Interactive play arch

Play interactive games with music and other sounds.

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