Do you want to race a car, just like a forumula-1 driver?

Come drive a go-kart at Linnaeushof!


Formula-1 drivers like Max Verstappen often start their career with go-karting. Go-karts are small motorised vehicles with which you can race on a special track starting at a young age. In the Netherlands, the go-karting sport has become very popular again in the past few years. The rush and the adrenaline racing gives is a feeling enjoyed by young and old.

There are many indoor and outdoor go-kart tracks in the Netherlands. It’s often quite rough, and many people believe it’s a dangerous sport. Something that parents would rather not see their children do. But wouldn’t it be nice if this is something you can do in a safe way? And if you can race with your mom or dad, as a child? You can do that on the go-kart track at Linnaeushof, calmly, safely and a lot of fun! Extra special is the thematisation of some go-karts. For example, you can race in a police car or a fire engine.

For children’s go-karting, a child must be at least 1.30m tall. For smaller children it’s still possible to race, but they must be accompanied by an adult.
On the go-kart track at Linnaeushof you can get acquainted with this beautiful sport for only € 5.00 per kart. Check out the prices of Linnaeushof

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