18-hole miniature golf course

Mini golf

In addition to the possibility to climb and scramble, the largest playground in Europe also offers the chance to play mini golf on a fun 18-hole mini golf course. A nice option for group outings with friends or family. The 18-hole outdoor mini golf course of Linnaeushof is situated in wooded surroundings. The holes have challenging obstacles and barriers and are fun themed according to the theme “Dutch aboriginal animals”. There are ducks, foxes, ladybugs and shrews.

Fun animal-questions

On the signs at each hole on the mini golf course, you can find a related question about the different animals. This allows children to learn more about nature in a playful way.

How does it work?

It is fun to combine mini golf with a visit to the playground of Linnaeushof. For only € 1.00 per person this can be added as an extra activity to a trip to Europe’s largest playground.
It is also possible to play mini golf without visiting the playground. In that case, the costs are only € 4.00 per person. Tickets are available at the entrance of Linnaeushof.
Each group receives two mini golf sticks, also called clubs, two golf balls and a scoreboard. Children should always be accompanied by an adult.


Entrance playground Linnaeushof:
Price: € 13.50 per person

Mini golf in conjunction with entrance ticket Linnaeushof:
Price € 1.00 per person (extra payment)

Miniature golf without entrance ticket Linnaeushof:
Price € 4.00 per person

Miniature golf for seasonal cardholders Linnaeushof:


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Linnaeushof will open again in April 2020 for a new playing season.

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