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Founder: Pieter Grijpstra

The co-founder of Linnaeushof was Pieter Grijpstra (1920-1998). He lived in Aalsmeer, where he worked as a policeman between 1948 and 1964. Socially involved as he was, he founded a department of the Dutch Red Cross there. As chairman, he arranged various activities for the benefit of the union of the Red Cross, such as membership recruitment campaigns, fundraisers for the flood disaster in Zeeland (1953) and fundraisers for the youth department.

From flower garden to playground
In 1955, the grounds where the playground is currently located were landscaped as show gardens for flower bulbs, and the existing greenhouse was transformed into a tropical greenhouse with more than 1000 different species of plants. In there, Pieter Grijpstra opened a miniature flower parade at the time, the benefits of which went entirely to the Red Cross. In the spring of 1956 the park opened its gates under the name ‘Linnaeushof’ for the first time. Back then, there were already around thirty-thousand visitors per year. After a difficult start with the flower show garden, the construction of a small playground started in the early sixties. This playground was opened by Godfried Bomans on the 15th of May, 1963.

Second generation: Frits Grijpstra

Pieter Grijpstra’s son, Frits Grijpstra (1947-1998), started working for the company in 1969 and the family had a number of successful years, in which the number of visitors of Linnaeushof increased to more than three-hundred-thousand visitors per year. More and more, the flowers and plants made way for playgrounds. Major investments in attractions and new playground equipment, and a strict policy regarding safety on the playgrounds, led to a unique recreation park. Partnerships were established and Linnaeushof grew to become “Europe’s Largest Playground”.

Third generation: Sander Grijpstra

Since 1999 Sander Grijpstra, the third generation, has taken over, and partly under his daily management the approach has been continued successfully.

Takeover: Aspro Parks

The fact that Linnaeushof is a successful company with potential for the future caught the eye of Aspro Parks, a multinational from Spain that bought Linnaeushof in 2012. This organization was founded in 1991 and owns and operates over 60 indoor and outdoor water parks, aquariums, zoos, and holiday parks in eight European countries. Together, these parks attract more than nine million visitors per year.


Playing never bores!

Active play, that is the motto with which the Grijpstra family founded the playground, and more than 55 years later, this motto still applies. The choice of playground equipment, with which children have to be physically active, having to use their own energy and imagination, is what makes Linnaeushof so unique. Especially in the current era, in which children play outside less and less and obesity is an increasing problem, a day’s play in Linnaeushof is of high value. Linnaeushof is not only ideal for a day out with the family, but is also a great location for school trips and group outings.

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