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Europe ‘s largest playground


Linnaeushof earns the title of Europe ‘s largest playground. Here, children can really play like they should! More than 350 play structures and attractions provide the opportunity to play in an active and healthy way, by using your own energy and imagination.
Linnaeushof is an ideal location for a day out with the family, birthday parties and school trips.

Linnaeushof exists for over 50 years and has always remained true to this concept of active entertainment. At the same time many developments ensured that the supply of play equipment and facilities will remain consistent with current standards and especially all wishes of the visitors. By carefully thinking about theming and the importance of the role-playing element that children like so much, the perception has become even greater. In addition, progressively more space is created for interactive play. By placing play equipment that uses modern technology, Linnaeushof creates a new variation of traditional games.

Linnaeushof gives high priority to the safety of all its playground equipment and trained staff will always keep a watchful eye.

Play structures and attractions

Linnaeushof has more than 350 play structures and attractions like cable rides, trampoline- & bounce centre, paddle boats, go-karts, funny-wheels, bumpy bikes, mini golf courses, a super slide and much more. Spectacular is the eleven-meter high pirate’s nest. In addition to modern and innovative items there are also some nostalgic play structures. Who does not remember the old swing boats? Or how about the fun family swing where everyone can  swing simultaneously. Traditional play in a modern way.

Play areas

The large variety of play structures is divided into play areas for kids of different ages. There is an organized pre-school playground with boundaries around it. Here, small children can play on the many bouncing, swinging and climbing play structures. Besides a large sand play area, there is also an educational traffic village and an air cushion in the shape of a real castle with drawbridge.


For the little ones there is toddler land: a safe playing environment with mini play structures. Larger children can play in other parts of the playground, like for instance the play-sporty corner with the climbing wall, skate wing rail and skis.

Here you can see the park map of Linnaeushof.

Water playground

During warm weather, water playground “The Oasis” is open with many exciting water play structures, such as a large waterslide, tumble water baskets and a water bridge. This offers a huge water spectacle where young and old can enjoy playing with water.


Indoor playground

Even when it rains occasionally, playing in Linnaeushof is great. In the indoor playground you can find mini cars, air carts, funny mirrors, a play street, a shadow room and a play castle. In addition, the little ones can play in the indoor carrot mountain. Inside, there are toys especially for this age, such as the large wishing well, a real carrot washing machine, a play street and a self-moving funny mirror. Last but not least playground mascot Bennie Broek performs daily. During a spectacular show the smallest visitors can dance with Bennie and obviously after the performance there is time for giving a handshake or making a nice picture with Bennie.


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