Over 350 play sets and attractions.

Never a dull moment!

Europe’s largest playground

Some people might say that other parks are larger or have more to offer. Nevertheless, there is a key difference which makes Linnaeushof the largest playground of Europe. Here, we have the most play sets and attractions designed for active entertainment – that is to say, real playing!

Linnaeushof - Europa's grootste speeltuin

Concept: Active entertainment!

Linnaeushof can rightfully call itself Europe’s biggest playground. Here, kids can still play for real. Over 350 play sets and attractions offer children the opportunity to play actively, making the most of their own energy and imagination.

Linnaeushof has been in existence for over 55 years now and has always remained faithful to this concept of active entertainment. At the same time, many developments have ensured that the play sets and facilities on offer still conform to the current standards and to the wishes of our visitors in particular. By putting plenty of thought into thematisation and the importance of role-play, the experience has become even immersive. Additionally, more room is gradually being created for interactive play. Through the placement of sets that use modern technology, a new variation on traditional play is realised.

At Linnaeushof, great care is taken to ensure the play sets remain safe, and trained staff is always keeping an eye on things.

Fun for everyone!

Besides being a perfect family park, the biggest playground in Europe is also a highly suitable location for all sorts of outings for large groups as well as small. Have a look at the information about children’s parties, school field trips and group outings.

Play sets and attractions

Linnaeushof has more than three-hundred-and-fifty play sets and attractions such as cable cars, a trampoline & bounce house centre, pedal boats, go-karts, funny-wheels, bump bikes, miniature golf courses, a super slide, and many more. The spectacular Pirate’s Nest stands a full eleven metres tall. Besides modern and innovative items, several nostalgic play sets have recently been installed in various locations around the park. Who doesn’t remember the old-fashioned boat swings? Or what about that fun family swing where everyone can swing and reel about at once? Old-time play-fun in a modern setting, everyone can feel like a kid again here!

Play zones

The large selection of play sets is divided into play zones for young and old. One such zone is the separated and easily-overseen toddler playground, where the little ones can play to their hearts’ content on the many swings, spin- and climbing sets. In addition to a large sand playground, there is an educational traffic town and an bounce castle, complete with drawbridge.

Older children can enjoy themselves on the large playground with more challenging types of play sets. They can hoist themselves up in the Toffe Toren, or challenge themselves, and each other, on the obstacle course.

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Europe’s largest playground

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