Physically challenged

Kids with a handicap are often sidelined when it comes to playgrounds. Regretfully, playground designs often do not take their handicaps into consideration. Linnaeushof is different; disabled children and children in wheelchairs can play along with all their friends in Europe’s largest playground! Linnaeushof is also considered friendly to children and parents who are autistic.

Adaptations of existing playground equipment

The Linnaeushof train has also been adapted allowing for a wheelchair to access it. A carousel has been adapted for that same purpose. Linnaeushof developed a shock absorbing seat for use on the carousels. Some of these seats are adapted for extra support specially for handicapped. There is also a swing set equipped with such a seat. Safety belts have been added to the duo-swing sets, which have a comfortable bucket seat. Wheelchair accessibility was also taken into account for placement of the Sand Factory.

Speciale playground equipment

While there isn’t a lot of playground equipment aimed at wheelchair users, some has been purchased anyway, like a wheelchair-seesaw and a unique wheelchair-trampoline. Another piece of equipment has been placed that has a large swinging net, which allows for swinging either sitting or laying down. A sound wheel with animal noises has been placed on a wheelchair accessible height. There are five play-panels under the awning, which are easily accessible for children in a wheelchair.


Playground equipment with wheelchair access is marked with an icon. Also on the map of Linnaeushof, symbols have been placed on playgrounds that are suitable for the physically challenged.

Other playground equipment

Of course, having a good amount of specific playground equipment that is suitable for wheelchair users or disabled persons does not mean that the other devices can’t be played with at all. It is good to see children with disabilities deciding for themselves what devices they can or cannot use. In the end, Linnaeushof shows that these children can play with their friends, just the same.


A number of handicapped parking spaces are available on the parking lot. The paths of the park are well accessible for physically challenged individuals and wheelchair users. There is also a separate toilet for this group. The key to this toilet can be obtained at the reception in the indoor playground .

Special wheelchair entrance fee
€ 17,00 for a wheelchair user + 1 companion

Advance reservation by e-mail required.

Due to corona it is mandatory to book your visit in advance. To be able to use the wheelchair rate, we ask you to send an email to [email protected] with the desired date of visit. You will then receive a response about the possibilities.

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Physically challenged

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