Fancy a treat?

All that playing makes you hungry and thirsty

Food and drinks

All that playing makes you hungry and thirsty. Or maybe you just fancy a treat, it’s a day out after all! At Linnaeushof you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Still, some delicious french fries, a freshly baked pizza, a cool ice cream or a wonderfully refreshing drink really completes a day out. Linnaeushof has multiple sales points for catering and drinks.


Unlimited hot beverages?

That’s possible with the Linnaeushof Thermal Mug”! Buy it at the Coffee Corner, Eefje’s Ice cream and drink counter or online in our ticketshop. With this mug you can drink coffee, tea or warm chocolate milk FREE for the rest of the day!

Bennie Broek Box – Kids Menu

At the Linnaeushof restaurant, you can find a variety of low-priced menus. For the little ones there is a Bennie Broek Box, a kids menu that comes with fries, a snack, a juice box and a Bennie Broek cup you can keep as a souvenir.

Catering and drinks vending points


TerrasHet restaurant with indoors and outdoors terrace is located in the middle of the playground and it’s open every day.

The assortment in the restaurant has been carefully put together and includes fries and snacks (also halal, gluten-free and vegetarian). For deep-frying we use liquid, vegetable and gluten-free fat. In addition, freshly baked pizzas are available as well as inexpensive menus with, for instance, a hamburger or cheeseburger.
Of course, more healthy products like delicious, fresh sandwiches and salads are available, too.

Eefje's ice cream and drinks counter

Eefje's ice cream and drinks counterAt the edge of the sunny outside terrace you can find Eefje’s ice cream and drinks counter. From 10am you can get a nice cup of coffee with pastry here. An ideal start of the day.

Besides freshly ground bean coffee and various kinds of pastry and biscuits, Eefje’s ice cream and drinks counter also offers cold beverages and delicious ice creams. You can choose from a large assortment of Ola ice creams or a nice soft ice cream. Slush is also available at Eefje’s ice cream and drinks counter.

Coffee Corner

Coffee CornerOn busy days the Coffee Corner is open as well. It is located directly behind the entrance.

The name says it all; just like at Eefje’s ice cream and drinks counter, you can get a lovely, freshly ground cup of bean coffee here. Would you like your coffee black or would you prefer a cappuccino? Warm chocolate milk with whipped cream is also an option, of course.
Doesn’t everyone in your group want coffee or tea? No problem, the Coffee Corner also sells soft drinks and ice cream.

Snack Station

Snack StationAt the entrance of the Toddler Playground, next to the railway crossing of the train, you’ll find the Snack Station. Ideal for an in-between snack!

Like in many other places on the playground you can get drinks and ice cream here. But a bag of crisps, a candy bar or some freshly fried churros can be a delicious snack, too!


ParadIceLovely refreshment in water playground The Oasis! On warm days the ParadIce is ideal as an extra point of sales.

Once again it’s in the name, enjoy some lovely, cool ice cream! Drinks and wrapped snacks are available here, too.

Group Arrangements

There are long tables beneath the large overhang next to the restaurant where schools and groups can comfortably share a meal together indoors. The time can be agreed upon with a group’s supervisors upon arrival.
Specially for large groups, inexpensive snack packages are put together. A group reservation is required for this.

  • Snack package “Eefje”: French fries (no sauce) and a Festini pear flavoured popsicle.
    Price: € 2,95
  • Snack package “Bennie”: French fries (no sauce), Capri-Sun Multivitamin and a Festini pear flavoured popsicle.
    Price: € 3,45

Allergy information

Do you have any allergies or an intolerance that requires a special dietary need? Please notify a sales-employee, he or she can inform you and help you make the right choice.

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Food and drinks

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