General terms and conditions

Conditions related to Corona measures

Tickets and reservations are only valid on the date user selects. Change or cancellation is unfortunately not possible. The user should be aware that a day trip to Linnaeushof may look different than normal and understand that not all facilities are fully accessible or usable.


The following conditions apply to all persons seeking to purchase entry tickets to B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof ‘s website:

1. Use of electronic communication resources

Users of the online sales platform accessed from B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof ‘s website are familiar with electronic communication resources and are thus aware of all data security issues connected to the use of said resources. Users undertake to make lawful use of said electronic resources in compliance with current laws.

2. Purchase of entry tickets

When purchasing an entry ticket, the buyer accepts automatically all regulations regarding security, access and additional regulations corresponding to their visit to the centre. Entry tickets can only be purchased via the official website. In addition, in the event of failing to comply with said regulations, the buyer hereby understands and accepts the company’s decision to bar their access to the facilities and that they hold no rights to any compensation whatsoever. In addition, the Users state that they have the necessary legal capacity to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions as well as to use and, where applicable, contract products or services through the Website, in accordance with any specific terms and conditions that may apply. Regarding the same, users state to know, understand and accept them in full. Users hereby declare that all the information they provide during the use of the Website and particularly, that provided during the purchase of Tickets process is certain, true, complete and exact.

3. Entry ticket personalization and identification

All entry tickets are personal and non-transferable. Entry tickets shall be protected against any damage caused by water and / or other liquids. It is forbidden to alter or copy entry tickets. Each entry ticket can only be used by the person whose name and surname(s) are stated on the ticket. Ticket holders may be required to produce ID (such as ID card, driving license or passport) to enable identification. The leisure centre may also check the validity of an entry ticket with the use of a barcode scanner.

4. Type of Printer

To print your entry ticket, you will need an ink-jet or laser printer. Dot matrix printers do not guarantee sufficient quality. Entry tickets will only be accepted (whether in Black & White or colour) if printed with a level of quality of at least 300 dpi, and not printed in “draft” mode. The buyer is fully responsible for ensuring that the entry ticket is printed on A4 or 8½”x11″ paper formats with standard-type printers, and that the ink cartridge or toner has enough ink to print the entire ticket.

5. Damaged entry tickets

In the event that the graduated images or barcodes are damaged in any way, entry tickets will be cancelled. In the event of detection of forged ticket or fraudulent acquisition of tickets (which would imply the corresponding complaint to the competent authorities), B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof reserves the right of barring access to the holders of said forged or fraudulently acquired entry tickets and reimbursing the cost of non-forged tickets

6. Impossibility to use entry tickets due to causes beyond B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof’s control:

1. Purchase of wrong ticket In the event that the buyer commits an error and buys an entry ticket for a different centre, the buyer shall not hold the right to claim reimbursement of the amount paid for said ticket. The name of the corresponding centre is clearly specified on each step of the shopping process. All buyers must check this data prior to completing the shopping process.

2. Closing of centre due to adverse weather conditions In the event that the centre is required to close the gates after the user’s access to the facilities, the corresponding centre’s regulations governing this type of situation will apply. In the event that no access is allowed to the facilities due to adverse weather conditions beyond the centre’s control, the ticket holder shall request the presence of the park manager at the gates. Otherwise, the ticket holder shall lose all rights to entry to the centre and / or reimbursement.

3. Causes attributable to the buyer In the event that the buyer is unable to use the tickets due to any private reasons unrelated to the centre (such as deficient print quality or damaged tickets) the ticket holder shall have no right to claim the reimbursement of the amount paid for said unused tickets.

7. Right of revocation

7.1 The Consumer has fourteen days in which to revoke the contract without giving any reason. This period commences on the day after the Consumer receives the product. If the Consumer has ordered several products in the same order that are delivered separately, this period ends 14 days after the day on which the Consumer physically takes receipt of the final product.

7.2 The right of revocation referred to in section 7.1 does not apply to:
a.- E-tickets;
b.- Food & beverage products.

8. Copyright protection

All contents of B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof ‘s website are fully protected by Copyright Law. Therefore, any downloads or copies of any of B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof’s website pages, or part thereof, shall only be authorized if no changes are introduced in the copyright and other protected terms of use. In the event that a download or copy is made via other resources, all rights connected to this information shall remain the property of B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof at all times and for all intents and purposes. It is strictly forbidden to use B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof’s website contents for commercial purposes.

9. Disclaimers

B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof and/or leisure centres shall be exempted against any personal and / or material damages whatsoever caused by wrongful use of the facilities, or breach of regulations and standards of behaviour and use of the Centre’s facilities. B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on their website both in terms of veracity and thoroughness. B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by telecommunications errors, technical problems, system failures or illegal handling of computerized systems involved, independently of the location as well as of the type of disruption. In addition, the company shall be held harmless against any damage whatsoever caused by incorrect operation, interruption (including maintenance) or system overload. B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof shall be held harmless against any direct and / or indirect damage arising from the services and / or information provided via their website, except in the event of serious negligence and / or fraud by B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof. B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof shall also be held harmless against any damage caused by the interconnection with third-party websites. B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof hereby reminds users that incorrect operation may lead to unwanted interaction with other websites unknown to B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof and that the latter will accept no responsibility whatsoever in connection to the content, services and any other features provided by said third-party websites. All information featuring B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof’s website shall be provided for the sole and exclusive purpose of private use, and for the ultimate purpose of providing information to persons seeking to visit the centre. We hereby warn users that all information provided on the website may be changed or modified any time without prior warning.

10. Applicable law

These General Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Dutch law. All disputes between B.V. Recreatiepark Linnaeushof and the Consumer arising from or otherwise related to any contract and/or these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be brought for settlement exclusively before a competent judge of the Netherlands.

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