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School trip reservation

Overview of special or busy days:

DateRemarkOpening hours
July 21st - August 19th of 2018School vacationNo school trips possible!
Other dates during seasonavailableView opening hours

To stimulate a quick and easy handling at the entrance and the restaurant we advise you to make a reservation for your school trip. After your booking is proceed, you will receive a conformation of your reservation with all the details. Up to 24 hours in front of your planned visit, your school trip can be cancelled or rescheduled free of charge. If you have any questions please contact us on +31 (0)23 5847624

Note: This form is only valid for regular primary schools.
for other groups the Group form is applicable.

Reservation details

You miss something
x € 8.95 p.p.
(minimum 20):

Food and drinks


x € 2,95 (portion of fries + pear ice cream)
x € 3,45 (portion of fries + bottled drink 200ml + pear ice cream)
x € 0,30 (extra costs each)

Order separate or extra

x € 0,85
x € 1,15
x € 1,75 (kroket, frikandel, cheese soufflé or 4 chicken nuggets - choose later)
x € 2,20
x € 5,00(450cc = ca. 25 portions)

For the adults

x € 9,25 (1,5L = ca. 7 cups)
x € 8,25 (1,5L = ca. 7 cups)

Contact details


Total amount:

The complete payment will be processed on arrival at the entrance, based on the actual numbers. You can pay cash or by debitcard/creditcard.

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