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Bennie Broek


Playground mascot Bennie Broek

In the early 90’s, suddenly a mascot showed up, with the name Bennie Broek. This sweet animal got his name thanks to a competition in which visitors were asked to make up a name for this character. Bennie is not a rabbit nor a hare, but a “rabare”. Meanwhile, Bennie is bound to Linnaeushof. He can be seen on many places in the park, but also on leaflets, posters and on the website.

The house Bennie Broek

Bennie Broek has got his own little house in the pre-schoolers playground. Everyone can walk through it, have a peek inside his bedroom and see an explanation about how Bennie came here. The roof of his house provides a wide view over the playground and with a slide you can go back down again. If Bennie isn’t home, then have a look around you. Because maybe you will find him playing somewhere in Linnaeushof.


Bennie Broek Show

In the root-mountain (Wortelberg) Bennie Broek performs daily on his own stage. During an interactive musical show the children can dance together with Bennie and naturally afterwards there is time to shake Bennie’s paw or to take a picture with him. Sometimes Bennie also reads some nice stories about different attractions of Linnaeushof.

Bennie’s Shop

Bennie’s shop is completely themed and with its nostalgic cosiness it appeals you to pay a visit. There are cute souvenirs available from just € 0,20. Because children like to have a souvenir which reminds them of a great experience, there has been carefully thought about the best themed assortment. Bennie Broek shakes many hands in the playground, but among others, the Bennie plush makes sure that the children at home don’t need to miss this sweet friend.

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