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The Linnaeushof website uses cookies that are stored on your computer by your web browser. These cookies store information about your orders. This information does not include personal data such as your name or address. You can set your web browser so that you do not accept cookies from websites.

Linnaeushof can install cookies for the following purposes:

  • To analyse and optimise the use of their website;
  • To put information more tailored to the user on their website;
  • To send targeted communication;
  • To develop marketing activities.

Types of cookies

  • Funcional cookies ensure that choices made during a web visit are remembered. That can include things like remembering the contents of a shopping cart.
  • Functional cookies may be placed without asking permission.
  • Performance cookies are usually used to analyse how the visitor found the website and how they use the website. Based on this data, the website can be better tailored to the visitor.

Turning cookies on and off

You can control whether or not you accept cookies via the settings in your browser. You can see how this works for your browser below:

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