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School trips

The best schooltrip for the primary school!

  • Europe’s largest playground
  • 350 play structures and attractions
  • Safe and with a good overview
  • Suitable for toddlers as well as older children
  • Play outside, inside and with water!

School trip price: € 8,95  € 13,50

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Note: Only valid for Regular primary schools
for other groups the Group price is applicable

Why Linnaeushof?

With more than 350 play structures Linnaeushof earns the title of Europe’s largest playround. Linnaeushof is located in Bennebroek, near Haarlem and on the border of North-Holland and South-Holland. For many years Linnaeushof is a very popular school trip destination for primary schools in this region. A school trip to Linnaeushof means a day full of active entertainment for students of the whole school

Park Map

The big variety of play structures is divided into different play areas for small and larger children. There is a  safely fenced pre-school playground where the younger children can play on many swings, seesaws and climbing frames. Here you can find a large sand play area, an educational traffic village and also an air cushion in the shape of a castle. For the smallest children there is “Dreumesland”: a safe playing environment with mini play structures.

In warm weather, water playground “The Oasis” is open with many exciting water play structures. But even if it occasionally rains a school trip at Linnaeushof is fun! In the cosy indoor playground there are minicars, air cars, distorting mirrors and a play castle. Since 2007, pre-schoolers can also enjoy themselves in the indoor Root Mountain. Also here are custom games for younger aged children. Last but not least playground mascot Bennie Broek performs here daily in an interactive and musical show!

Schooltrip to Linnaeushof

Food & drinks

Next to the restaurant there are long tables where schools and groups can eat together. When you arive the guiding adult will make arrangements with the restaurant how late the group will come for the food. Especially for big groups we have advantageous ”smikkelpakketten”:

  • Smikkelpakket ”Eefje”: French Fries (no sauce) and a Festini pear ice cream
  • Smikkelpakket ”Bennie”: French Fries (no sauce), a Festini pear ice cream and a Sisi No Bubbles


Allergy information:

  • French fries will be fried in liquid vegetable and gluten-free fat.
  • Festini pear ice cream is gluten-free.

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Combination school trips

Linnaeushof has selected several playful and educational combination school trips. These are extra advantageously.

Combination with:Price and informationRemark:
Schoolreis NaturalisNATURALIS + Linnaeushof € 11,75
Get closer with Nature!
Leiden (South-Holland) Phone: 071-7519626
Price per person,
for children and guiding adults.
Minimum of 20 persons.
Make a reservation>>
Schoolreis MadurodamMADURODAM + Linnaeushof € 12,25
Discover Hollands highlights and heritage!
Den Haag (South-Holland) Phone: 070-4162400
Price per person,
for children and guiding adults.
Minimum of 20 persons.
Schoolreis ScheepvaartmuseumHET SCHEEPVAARTMUSEUM + Linnaeushof € 12,25
500 years of maritime history!
Amsterdam (North-Holland) Phone: 020-5232222
Price per person,
for children and guiding adults.
Minimum of 20 persons.
Reserveren bij Het Scheepvaartmuseum >>
Schoolreis MuiderslotMUIDERSLOT + Linnaeushof € 13,25
700 years of Dutch
Muiden (North-Holland) Phone: 0294-256262
Price per person,
for children and guiding adults.
Minimum of 20 persons.
Reserveren bij Muiderslot >>


For primary schools there are special prices. Here is an overview.

Entrance LinnaeushofPriceRemark
Schooltrip price€ 8,95
instead of € 13,50
normal entrance
Price per person, for children and guiding adults. Minimum of 20 persons.
Food & DrinksPriceRemark
Smikkelpakket "Eefje"€ 2,95Consist of:
- French Fries (no sauce)
- Festini pear ice cream
Smikkelpakket "Bennie"€ 3,45Consist of:
- French fries (no sauce)
- Festini pear ice cream
- Bottle lemonade without bubbles
Snack€ 1,75Choose between:
- Cheesesoufflé
- Croquet
- Chicken nuggets
- Frikadel
Bottle of Mayonaise€ 5,00450cc = approximately 25 portions
Festini pear ice cream€ 0,85
Ola rocket ice cream€ 1,15
Thermoscan Coffee (for guiding adults)€ 9,251.5L = approximately 7 cups
Thermoscan Tea (for guiding adults)€ 8,251.5L = approximately 7 cups

* All named prices are subject to any price changes.


Would you like to visit Linnaeushof with your school? Then we would like to ask you to make a reservation online.

  • Directly after you have filled in the form you will get a confirmation email of your trip.
  • You can cancel or change your school trip free of charge up untill 24 hours before your planned visit.

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Note: Only valid for Regular primary schools.
for other groups the Group price is applicable

Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. It can also be useful to take a look at the frequently asked questions.


Other group visits

Are you not a school but do you still want to Visit Linnaeushof with more than 20 persons? Then have a look at the information for group visits.

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