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Information disabled visitors

In a playground, Children with a handicap often stand at the side-line. With arranging of playgrounds unfortunately the limitations of disabled children are not always considered. At Linnaeuhsof, this is not the case. In Europe’s largest playground disabled children can play along with their friends! The park is also seen as friendly to children and parents with autism.

Modified play structures

The Linnaeushof train is adapted in a way that a wheelchair can enter as well. Also a carousel is adjusted for the same purpose. Linnaeushof developed a cushioning seat for other carousels. There are specially designed seats which give extra support, also a swing is equipped with a seat like this. On a duo-seated swing with comfortable bucket seats there are mounted seatbelts. And with constructing the sand factory Linnaeushof considered the possibilities for wheelchair users.

Specially designed play structures

However there are not many play structures for wheelchairs available on the market, Linnaeushof managed to find and purchase a few like a wheelchair seesaw and a unique wheelchair trampoline. Also there is placed a big swing with a net, in which people can swing in a sitting position as well as laying down. A turning wheel with sounds is placed on a good height for wheelchair users. The same is done with five hand play panels under a shed.


At wheelchair-friendly play structures there are symbols which notify that they are suitable for wheelchair users. At the ticket desk wheelchair users can ask for a special map which shows where all these play structures are located.


There are multiple parking spots for disabled person available. The paths in the park are accessible for disabled persons and wheelchairs. There is also a toilet specially for disabled.

Other possibilities

The fact that there are suitable play structures for disabled people, doesn’t mean that these are the only play structures they can use. It is interesting to see that disabled children know best for themselves what they are capable of and which play structures they can use. Eventually you can see at Linnaeushof that disabled children naturally can play together along with their friends.

Wheelchair entrance fee € 7,00

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