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New school trip combination Linnaeushof & Lovers Canal Cruises

22/12/2015- Linnaeushof has created a new combination package that allows a playful school trip in combination with a boat trip through the canals of our capital. A wonderful way to discover Amsterdam!

A cruise through the canals of Amsterdam

Culturally, a lot of fun and besides not so expensive; that is a cruise through Amsterdam!
With Lovers Canal Cruises you can experience the class of our capital city from the water, an unforgettable trip for schoolchildren of all ages. With the Day Canal Cruise you will sail for 1 hour in a luxury boat through the historic center of Amsterdam. The boat will travel along the famous canal houses with clock, spout and neck fronts, the Anne Frank house, “de Magere Brug” over the Amstel, the VOC ship ‘de Amsterdam’ and the Cruise Terminal, which if you’re lucky has a gigantic cruise ship is located . A boat trip is also the ideal way to familiarize students with our capital.

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New school trip combination Linnaeushof & Lovers Canal Cruises
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