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Frequently Asked Questions


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Are dogs allowed in Linnaeushof?

No, dogs are not allowed, except for special help dogs for blind or disabled visitors

Do I have to pay for the Go Karts?

The karting in Linnaeushof costs € 4.00 per 2.5 minutes. You then have the choice of a single kart or a so-called "double-seater" in which an adult can take a child. The age to drive is not important, but you must have the correct length. In order to properly reach the pedals, you must be at least 1.30 meters in size.

Is Linnaeushof opened all days?

Linnaeushof is opened the following dates in 2016: March 23 to May 31 from 10:00 to 17:00 except for the weekends, the Easter holidays, pentecost and the may holiday ( may 2 to 6) then the park will be opened from 10:00 to 18:00. June 1 to September 4 10:00 to 18:00. September 5 to September 30 10:00 to 17:00 except for the weekends 10:00 to 18:00. In October the park will be opened all weekends to October 23 10:00-17:00, and the autumn holidays (October 17 to October 21) 10:00 to 17:00

Is Linnaeushof suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes, Linnaeushof is suitable for people with disabilities. Some attractions are made suitable for wheelchairs. There are also attractions for visually impaired guests. Upon your arrival you will receive on your request a special plan. For a more detailed explanation, please refer to information for the disabled.

How to get there?

How to get to Linnaeushof by car?

Linnaeushof lies right on the border of Bennebroek and Heemstede. Tap therefore the following address: Glipperweg 4, 2104 AK Heemstede. From our parking lot you are within a few minutes walk from our cash desk.

How to get to Linnaeushof by train or bus?

To use public transport to get to Linnaeushof, it is best to take the train to Haarlem Central Station. From the station you can take bus 50 (direction Leiden), or go to Leiden central station by train, also take bus 50 (direction haarlem) . It departs several times an hour, stopping at the stop Linnaeushof West (or even ask the bus driver). Travel time by bus from the station is approximately 20 minutes.

Foods and Drinks

Will the foods be served Gluten-free?

In the restaurant we can guarantee that fries will be baked separatly in vegetable fat and the fries are gluten-free . Snacks such as croquettes are fried in another deep-fryer! We sell gluten-free fries, sauce, and a couple of snacks on request . If you wish to receive your order on a separate tray, then there is no danger of cross-pollination.


Are there lockers available at your park?

Yes, there are lockers for rent in Linnaeushof. At the reception in the indoor playground you can hire a locker for € 5, - (of which € 4, - deposit).

Is it allowed to bring your own food and drinks?

Yes, that's allowed. For the peckish, there are several food and beverage outlets in our park with all kinds of snacks, ice creams, sweets and drinks!

How do I get seasonpasses?

For only €48,- per person, you get your own customized with photo and your own personal information. We also have a child and adult pass for €96,-, the pass will be linked to the child, and every adult (above 16years) can enter with the child. So one child + one random adult can enter the park then. Our passes are valid for a whole season! We also have a parking pass. It is linked to your license plate with that card you can park your car the whole season on our parking lot for only €27,50.

Are there carts available for hire to transport our belongings?

No, we don't hire carts in our park.

School trips

Can we reserve a table for our group at the restaurant?

When you order a smikkel-package we will ask you to report yourself in the restaurant, directly after you entered Linnaeushof. There you can schedule a time when we will serve your food and tables will be assigned to your group on the terrace under the shed next to the restaurant. Self-brought consumptions can be eaten at the picnic area in the playground. Here is also a shed, specially for groups. There won’t be a place reserved for your group, you can settle yourselves at this area.

Do you sell coffee coupons?

There is a possibility to open up an account for the drinks of the guiding adults of your group. Before you leave the park this bill has to be paid at the restaurant.

I have made a reservation for a certain number of people, but maybe we will visit with a few more or less, is that a problem?

No problem. When you arrive at the entrance the actual number of people will be counted and paid for.