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Vraag & Antwoord School

School trips

Can we reserve a table for our group at the restaurant?

When you order a smikkel-package we will ask you to report yourself in the restaurant, directly after you entered Linnaeushof. There you can schedule a time when we will serve your food and tables will be assigned to your group on the terrace under the shed next to the restaurant. Self-brought consumptions can be eaten at the picnic area in the playground. Here is also a shed, specially for groups. There won’t be a place reserved for your group, you can settle yourselves at this area.

Do you sell coffee coupons?

There is a possibility to open up an account for the drinks of the guiding adults of your group. Before you leave the park this bill has to be paid at the restaurant.

I have made a reservation for a certain number of people, but maybe we will visit with a few more or less, is that a problem?

No problem. When you arrive at the entrance the actual number of people will be counted and paid for.